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1. About Us: no page, just a menu placeholder

1.1. History: Narrative of the history of Matthias

1.2. Leadership: Short Bio of each Elder and ministry leader including Jeremy and Danita. Each bio will include a high quality and consistent picture. Each bio will also have email contact for the leader

1.3. What we believe: description of the closed hand beliefs of Matthias

1.4. Contact Us: Address and phone number on how to contact and get to matthias offices. link to the where we meet page. Maybe use

2. Lot Familes

2.1. About: Narrative on what Lot Families are and why do it

2.2. Map: clickable map of where all the lot families are. Maybe use

2.3. Families: high qulity consistent picture of each lot family leader/couple. Contact email for each lot family leader and a google map of where that lot fam meets. Also should probably have time they meet since some groups have changed it.

3. Where We Meet: Straight link to Contact Us page

4. Media

4.1. Sermon Audio: Catalog of MP3 files of sermons. RSS feed for sermons feeds. Each sermon should have a reference of Passage it is from, who spoke, and a brief description of what it is about. Maybe use this plugin

4.2. Pictures: photo gallery section. Maybe we use

4.3. Videos: library of matthias videos.

4.4. Resources: selected links to sites such as Acts 29,, Desiring God, etc.

5. Ministries

5.1. Childrens: Description of M&M's with a link to leader

5.2. 2nd Saturday: All about Second Saturday ministry. Email link to leader

5.3. Womens: Page with Soul sisters info and descriptions. email links to leaders

5.4. Foreign Missions: Marc what can we publish?