Rich dad Poor dad

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Rich dad Poor dad by Mind Map: Rich dad Poor dad

1. If You are not earning enough then problem is you not world.

1.1. Laziness

1.2. Lack of financial intelligence

1.3. Self control

1.4. Fear

1.5. Bad habits

1.6. Arrogance

1.7. Cynicism

1.8. New Topic


2.1. If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate

2.2. The self - knowledge, accounting to japanese legend, was the most treasured of the three.

2.3. If you want to increase your expenses, you first must increase your cash flow.

2.3.1. To maintain this level of wealth remember this The rich buy assets The poor only have expenses The middle class buy liabilities and they think are assets

2.4. John D. rockefeller "i always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity

2.5. Don't say "i can't afford it" say "how can i afford it"

3. Those who want a to do list on how to get started, i will will share with you some of the things i do

3.1. Stop doing what your are doning

3.2. look for new ideas

3.3. Find someone who has done what you want to do

3.4. Take classes, read, and attend seminars

3.5. Make lots of offers

3.6. Jog, walk, or drive a certain area once a month for 10 min.

3.7. Shop for bargains in all markets

3.8. look in the right places

3.9. Look for people who want to buy first. Then look for someone who wants to sell

3.10. Think big

3.11. Learn from history

3.12. Action always beats inaction

3.12.1. Try to play cashflow101 game

4. 10 steps as process to develop your god - given powers, powers over which only you have control

4.1. Find a reason greater than reality

4.1.1. A reason or purpose is a combination of "wants" and "don't want"

4.2. Make daily choices : the power of choice

4.2.1. Spending habits, education, choose to be rich every day, be humble

4.2.2. Master a formula and then learn a new one : the power of learning quickly You become what you study

4.3. Chose friends carefully : the power of association

4.3.1. There are two types of people : 1. Who struggle with money 2. Who don't struggle with money

4.4. Pay your brokers well : the poer of good advice

4.4.1. Hire a broker who has same interest like you

4.5. Be an Indian giver : the power of getting something for nothing

4.5.1. Ask yourself "How fast do i get my money back?"

4.6. Use assets to buy luxuries : the power of focus

4.6.1. Work on your financial intelligence to increase your expense

4.7. Choose heroes : the power of myth

4.7.1. Heroes make things look easy. Making it look easy convince us to want to be just like them

4.7.2. Tech and you shall receive : the power of giving If you want something, you first need to give

5. Learn management skills

5.1. Management of cash flow

5.2. Management of Systems

5.3. Management of people

6. There are two types of investor

6.1. The first and most common types is a person who buys a packaged investment

6.2. The second type is an investor who creates investments. The know hoe to put pieces of opportunities to gether, or know people who know how.

6.2.1. Find opportunity that everyone else missed

6.2.2. Raise money

6.2.3. organize smart people

7. Cash flow tells the story of how a person handle money

7.1. There are two types of cash flow

7.1.1. Cash inflow : Income There are three types of Income Ordinary income Portfolio income Passive income

7.1.2. Cash Out flow : Expense There are two types of Good expense : Buy asset Bad Expense : Buy liabilities

8. More money will not solve the problem. Financial intelligence will solve the problem

8.1. Financial intelligence

8.1.1. Accounting

8.1.2. Investing

8.1.3. Understanding markets

8.1.4. The law The law is the awareness of accounting corporate, state and federal regulations.

9. Pay yourself first : the power of self - discipline

9.1. If you cannot get control of yourself, do not try to get rich