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Sustainability by Mind Map: Sustainability

1. Act against deforestation

1.1. Ecosia: Using the ad revenue from your searches, this company plant trees where they are needed the most.

2. Investment for equity

2.1. Education Health Gender equality

2.2. in housing to reduce slum

3. Sustainable food chains

3.1. Circular economy Reduce social, economical and environmental impacts for an inclusive and green growth and an eco-social progress

3.2. fair trade

4. Reduce ecological footprint

4.1. Internet footprint

4.2. Transport footprint

4.3. Industrial footpring

4.3.1. Pesticides/...

5. Change our model of growth

5.1. Renewable energy The relationship to money

5.1.1. Harvest more wind power by using wind turbines

5.1.2. Increase our use of Hydrogen as a fuel to prevent CO2 emissions.

6. Balance between economic development / Environment / Social

7. responsability

7.1. use less our cars and more public transports or commute

7.2. limit mass consumption and waste and recycle more

7.3. Making changes individually can make a huge difference

8. protection of animal species, cultures and diversity

8.1. pollution of the oceans and seas (Great Pacific Garbage Patch)

8.2. protection of ancestral cultures (Brazil, USA, Australia..)

8.3. Reduce our use of plastic because it is harmful for the environment