Challenges of staffs in hotel industry

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Challenges of staffs in hotel industry by Mind Map: Challenges of staffs in hotel industry

1. Skilled Labour shortage

1.1. Did the Staffs can get bonus even though there is a Labour shortage?

1.2. Does the labour shortage affect the Staffs daily lives?

2. Staff turnover

2.1. What are the main reason why the staffs are forced to turn over?

2.2. did the the Staff can get benefits from the management after they turnover?

3. Irregular working hours

3.1. How the every staff cope up in irregular working hours?

3.2. Did their salary become lower than the regular working hour?

4. Hiring and retaining Staff

4.1. what are the qualities that approve in hiring a hotel Staff?

4.2. How did the management retain a Staff?

5. housekeeping issues

5.1. what are the challenges of house keeper in cleaning hotel rooms?

5.2. Did the house keeper can clean and sanitize the room in an hour??

6. Improving hotel and restaurant employee morale.

6.1. Did the employee needs to get an degree in applying to hotel Staff?

6.2. how the hotel cope up in getting a employee with out educational degree?