Plastic waste in the Seas

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Plastic waste in the Seas by Mind Map: Plastic waste in the Seas

1. 1.How does the plastic get into the sea?

1.1. - over river

1.1.1. from dumps

2. 2. What happens to the plastic in the sea?

2.1. Plastic decomposes very slowly

2.1.1. small pieces of plastic are everywhere

3. 3. What are the consequences of plastic in the sea for the people?

3.1. health risks

3.1.1. We eat the animals that ate the plastic

4. 4. Why is plastic so dangerous in the sea?

4.1. animals die

5. 5. How does it affect in the environment?

5.1. marine animals are dying out

6. 6. Why do marine animals eat the plastic waste?

6.1. confuse the food with the right food

7. 7. Why does plastic kill animals in the sea?

7.1. starved with a full stomach

7.1.1. whales,dolphins and other get caught in the fishing net

8. 8. What can you do about the plastic in the sea?

8.1. reduce unnecessary plastic

8.1.1. natural products instead of plastic