Bitcoin History (Team Map)

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Bitcoin History (Team Map) by Mind Map: Bitcoin History (Team Map)

1. What is Bitcoin? (Pablo Researching)

1.1. How does Bitcoin work?

1.2. Is it safe to use?

1.3. How does bitcoin make money?

1.4. Is Bitcoin legal?

2. Bitcoin in the Market (Chino Researching)

2.1. How society has adopted Bitcoin?

2.2. Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin compare to traditional Fiat

3. People Use (Taylor Researching)

3.1. How to buy bitcoins?

3.2. What is the difference between an eWallet and a Crypto Exchange

3.3. Where can I use bitcoin?

3.3.1. What I can buy with bitcoins?

4. Bitcoin in Gaming Industry

4.1. Customer Benefits (Oscar Researching)

4.1.1. Saving Money Benefits No transactions fees or really low fees. Accessibility: No need to spend GAS and time to go to the store, you can do it from you phone. No government taxes involved

4.1.2. Anonymous transactions People can use their money in whatever they want. Government can't track your transactions. Transaction speed (faster to get to the gaming account)

4.2. Industry Benefits (Bob Researching)

4.2.1. Peer-to-Peer Focus: Allows gaming industry to process both deposits and payouts pretty fast

4.2.2. Strong Security: Once a bitcoin transfer has been authorized, it can’t be reversed as in the case of the “charge-back” transactions allowed by credit card companies.

4.2.3. Lower operating cost: Let the industry to create better promotions with bigger prizes or bonuses.

4.2.4. Market Penetration: Allows the industry to reach customers and countries that will be impossible to reach using the traditional banking system.

5. Bitcoin, inflation and Covid (Juan Researching)

5.1. Bitcoin as a safe asset