My favorite travel in turkey

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My favorite travel in turkey by Mind Map: My favorite travel in turkey

1. Regions my visited

1.1. Bursah

1.1.1. They have a good shopping

1.2. Istanbul

1.2.1. It is a big city

1.3. Sabanjah

1.3.1. It is have many lakes

2. Activities my did there

2.1. Cycling

2.1.1. Cycling is my favorite sport

2.2. Ship ride

2.2.1. It is a enjoyable

2.3. Ride the cable car

2.3.1. It is very High

3. Places my visited

3.1. Resturant

3.1.1. The food was very delicious

3.2. Shopping mall

3.2.1. There are many stores

3.3. Zoo

3.3.1. I like to go the zoo to see the animals