Cognitive Learning

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Cognitive Learning by Mind Map: Cognitive Learning

1. Objectives of Cognitive Learning

1.1. build on past knowledge

1.2. build new skills

1.3. make connections and reflect

1.4. develop problem-solving skills

2. Effects of Cognitive problems

2.1. negative effects on those around

2.2. individual may become irritated and distressed

2.3. direct negative impact on relationships

2.4. exacerbate other problems

3. Cognitive Strategies

3.1. promote love of learning by making new knowledge exciting

3.2. encourages long-term learning appetite irrespective of environment

3.3. useful tool to assist students with learning problems

4. Cognitive Factors

4.1. characteristics of the person which affect performance and learning

4.2. CFs include: comprehension, memory, instruction, application, attention, reasoning

5. Solutions for Cognitive Problems

5.1. medication

5.2. evaluation

5.3. therapeutic treatements

5.4. occupational therapy - remove noise & clutter

6. Benefits of Cognitive Strategies

6.1. improves comprehension

6.2. develops problem-solving skills

6.3. improves confidence

6.4. enhances long-term learning