Describing a photograph

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Describing a photograph by Mind Map: Describing a photograph

1. Location

1.1. Use your location vocabulary to describe where the main things are: in the middle, on the right, in the top left corner...etc.

2. Place

2.1. Where was this photo taken?

2.2. What is the place like?

2.2.1. Beautiful

2.2.2. Calm

2.2.3. Scary

3. People

3.1. Who can you see in the photo?

3.2. What are they wearing?

3.3. How old are they?

3.4. What is the relationship between them?

3.4.1. Friends

3.4.2. Classmates

3.4.3. Family

3.5. How do they feel?

4. Actions

4.1. What are the people doing?

4.2. Remember to use present continuous!

4.2.1. Verb to be + ing

5. Extra ideas

5.1. What's the weather like?

5.2. Do you like the photo? Why/Why not?

5.3. Do you like doing what the people are doing in the photo?