Why, What and How of leading a W/F Transformation

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Why, What and How of leading a W/F Transformation by Mind Map: Why, What and How of leading a W/F Transformation

1. why workforce transformations are the new normal

1.1. Technology is changing so rapidly that organisations have to keep evolving

1.2. To bridge the adopt, adapt and assimilation gap

1.3. Organisations need to continuously be doing SWOTs to ensure they remain competitive and desirable to the customer

2. what sends workforce transformation off course

2.1. People aren't involved in the plan and change

2.2. Leadership team not on the same page

2.3. culture that is stuck in the habits

2.4. Not staying to the plan; or conversely not tailoring the plan to meet emerging needs as the project develops

2.5. People change aspect is not done with empathy that we are dealing with peoples lively hoods.

3. the impact that leaders have on workforce transformation

3.1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast

3.2. Leaders have to enable their teams bring their best to work and show empathy

3.3. Leaders need to create trust in their team

3.4. Leaders are responsible for demonstrating the new way of working and providing a reason why that is valid to the teams they lead

3.5. Connect the strategy with the the workforce design

4. the skill set you believe might be required for effective leadership of all types of workforce transformation.

4.1. Having an agile mindset to change the design if needed and deliver incremental showcases to the customer of how it will work. Pilot a working group in the new way of working

4.2. Being customer obsessed and willing to learn from the customer what they want.

4.3. Being able to adapt to what is discovered through data and research about the customer. Then presenting to the customer and adapting again