Travel Warrior

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Travel Warrior by Mind Map: Travel Warrior

1. Platform

1.1. Xbox 360

1.2. PS3

1.3. PC

2. Genre

2.1. Role Play Game

3. Levels

3.1. Different timelines

3.2. Player travels through time portals

3.3. Has to complete the level to advance to next

3.4. After level is complete, portal appears for player to use to travel to a new timeline

4. Gameplay

4.1. Control a player who has been transported back in time through a time portal

4.2. Gameplay will be similar to Elder Scrolls : Skyrim

4.3. Players have to defeat the enemies in the area and collect artifacts from the time

4.4. After defeating the boss of that time the player can advance to the next timeline

4.5. Each timeline gets harder than the last, so players must level and gear up

5. Games Engine

5.1. Unity Games Engine

5.2. The game is going to be in 3D and a bit more advanced than simple engines can create

6. Players

6.1. Single Player

6.2. No Multiplayer

6.3. Although no multiplayer, players can compare their characters with their friends