Classroom management

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Classroom management by Mind Map: Classroom management

1. 1. Engage the students

2. 2. Group students.

3. 3. Expect excellence from every students.

4. 4. Give the reward and punishment to students.

5. 5. Listen to the students and making the communication with students.

6. What is learning? Learning is learn something through experiences and changes in behavior continuously. Also, it is a process of acquiring new knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values.

7. Action oriented and goal oriented.

8. Developed the 21st century teaching skill for improving the students' learning skills and motivate themselves to learn in the classroom.

9. Students become center in classroom, teacher is just only be a guide when students have conscious.

10. ADD/ADHD: Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder. Moreover, assessments, backward design, blended learning and classroom climate also importance for classroom management.

11. Team teaching is importance to work together in the classroom.

12. Fairness for every students, flipped classroom, brief the learning to the students for their whole semester and learning standards.

13. Standards based grading (learning through each small goals)

14. Teacher allow the students to try something with their own and support them.

15. There are personal learning network or professional learning community are applied in classroom management.

16. Professional development or professional learning is be applied in classroom manegement.