Causes of the Age of Exploration

Causes of the Age of Exploration

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Causes of the Age of Exploration by Mind Map: Causes of the Age of Exploration

1. Marco Polo

1.1. He wrote his 'Travels of Marco Polo' about the wealth of China and this encouraged explorers to find new routes to the East (Asia)

2. Wealth and fame

2.1. The leaders of the voyages wanted to gain fame and wealth for themselves e.g Columbus

3. Influence of the Renaissance

3.1. The Renaissance encouraged a questioning spirit so that people wanted to know more about the geography of the world

4. Wealth for countries

4.1. The Portuguese and Spanish governments funded these voyages so that their countries would become wealthier

5. Religion

5.1. The Explorers wanted to covert native people to Christianity. they also wanted to defeat the Muslims (Arabs) who controlled the Trade Routes.

6. New Trade Routes

6.1. Countries such as Portugal and Spain wanted to find new trade routes to Asia because the trade was controlled by the Arabs and the Italians. The Spice Islands were rich in spices and China was rich in jewels and silks