On the Grid

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On the Grid by Mind Map: On the Grid

1. Claire design drawings

2. Business / Marketing

2.1. Cost

2.2. Logo

2.3. Selling site

2.3.1. Etsy

2.3.2. Instagram Shop?

2.3.3. Redbubble

2.4. Alternative Names

2.5. Printing?

2.5.1. One in UK

2.5.2. One in Ireland

2.5.3. Anywhere else?

2.5.4. Similar printing paper Matt and embossed Sizes?

2.6. Actual selling part

3. Ideas and Concepts

3.1. Themes

3.1.1. Ecological Importance Claire artwork

3.1.2. Hiking

3.1.3. Skiing

3.1.4. Watersheds

3.1.5. Cities / LiDAR?

3.2. Map Creation Ideas and Info

3.2.1. Locations Countries Ireland Scotland Regions Isle of Wight Bride Valley, Ireland Patagonia Peak District, Lake District French Alps Swiss Alps Austrian Alps Italian Alps

3.2.2. Data Sources: SRTM Hillshade production LiDAR

3.2.3. Create some dummy personalised maps which can be put up as examples

3.3. Unique Selling Point

3.3.1. Personalized part = USP

3.3.2. Customizable Icon

3.4. Customization

3.4.1. E.g. National park image - little drawing of walking boots next to the name

3.4.2. House drawing on the map of country

3.4.3. National Parks

3.4.4. Where people met - with two names below

3.4.5. Walking trails

3.4.6. Long and Lat could be written below the name of the place (with marker on location?)

3.4.7. Set of simple symbols which can be located on the map - Marker examples Walking boots House Skis Footsteps Ring (engaged) Route between peoples houses View?

4. Folder Organisation

4.1. C Drive Map Production

4.1.1. Incoming Data Layout

4.1.2. Per each location

5. Product Options:

5.1. Ideas / Prints

5.1.1. Example Layouts 1. 2. 3. D:\Dropbox\Consultancy\Jobs\Sior Consulting\Topographical Map Prints\Working Files\Trial Print Colour Schemes

5.2. Color Schemes:

5.2.1. Light color Schemes Green/ light grey Purple / Ice Blue / Grey Red / Orange

5.2.2. Dark Colour Scheme Dark purple black Dark brown red / orange Black and grey/white

5.2.3. Wacky Color Schemes Green blue Purple blue pink Red / orange

6. External Info