The Best Christmas Present In The World

.....The mind map is only about the sketch noting on the chapter The Best Christmas Present In The World....

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The Best Christmas Present In The World by Mind Map: The Best Christmas Present In The World

1. Jim McPherson was the captain of his regiment during the WW1 in 1914. The war was fought between Germany and Britain. He was a young and ambitious man with etiquettes towards his job. Earlier he was a school teacher from Dorset in England. He had a loving wife Connie MacPherson. Although, his demise took place as he never returned from the war and didn't write any more letters connie

2. The narrator of the best Christmas present in the world is a curious and sensitive human being. The letter addressed to Connie, that he finds in the roll top desk, arouses his curiosity. After reading the letter, he feels obligated to find the lady to whom the letter is addressed. He makes a special effort to locate her and visits her in an old age home. When Connie mistakes him for her dead husband, he does not shatter her illusion. Rather, he lets her believe he is Jim so as to give some comfort and pleasure to her.

3. Connie McPherson She is a mentally stressed wife suffering from the pain of separation. She is living in a false hope because her husband is not coming back from war. She loves her husband too much and waits for his return. She suffers from burns when a fire breaks in her house causing severe injuries

3.1. Hans Wolf was the captain of German troop. He was from Dusseldorf. Before joining army, he played cello in an orchestra. He was friendly and loved football. He believed that sports were a good way to resolve conflicts.