Action Plan

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Action Plan by Mind Map: Action Plan

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Students

1.2. Module manager

1.3. Instructors

1.4. Future employers

1.5. Supporting Staff

1.5.1. E-learning Support

1.5.2. OC Focus

2. Building blocks

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Effective use of VLE's

2.2.1. Blackboard tutorial communication

3. Project Information

3.1. Intensivation of the use of discussion forum

3.2. Blackboard platform

3.3. Motivation

3.3.1. Stronger community

3.3.2. Reduction of e-mail communication

4. Limitations

4.1. Student time

4.1.1. 4 ECTS

4.2. Teacher time

4.2.1. 1 FTE

5. Actions

5.1. Upon forum question

5.1.1. Give other students time to answer

5.1.2. Indicate student where to find the information

5.1.3. Ask student to share info when found

5.1.4. Invite others to participate

5.2. Upon e-mail question

5.2.1. Post question on forum

5.2.2. React to question on forum

5.2.3. Reply e-mail with link to forum

6. Schedule

6.1. Preparations

6.1.1. Set desired blackboard options Allow author to delete own post Allow author to edit own post Allow tagging Allow attachments Allow members to create new threads Allow members to subscribe to threads Allow members to rate posts

6.1.2. Create forums and threads Data analysis SPSS installation Assignments Exam Research methods Tests Exam General Small scale research lectures Present yourself

6.1.3. Put guidelines communications on Blackboard

6.2. First lecture

6.2.1. Give guidelines communication All communication through discussion board Check if your question is already there Check forum every weekday Answer questions of other students Instructor checks forum every weekday Instructor answers if needed

6.2.2. Explain importance and advantages forum Asynchronic All students learn from questions Students help each other

6.2.3. Show interface forum

6.2.4. Ask students to present themselves in forum

6.3. After first lecture

6.3.1. Present myself

6.4. Other lectures

6.4.1. Refer to forum Most important questions Most active students

6.5. After first assignment

6.5.1. Ask students about their experience

6.6. Forum evaluation

6.6.1. Poll for student opinions Halfway the course At the end of the course

6.6.2. Reflexion on success

7. Timeline

7.1. January - March 2012

7.1.1. Preparations

7.2. April - June 2012

7.2.1. Execution

7.3. July 2012

7.3.1. Evaluation