Typical questions

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Typical questions by Mind Map: Typical questions

1. money

1.1. price

1.1.1. How much is the (ticket/course etc)?

1.1.2. What is the price of the (ticket/course)?

1.1.3. How much does the ticket/course cost?

1.2. types of payment

1.2.1. What are the payment options?

1.2.2. What types of payment are available?

1.2.3. Can I pay by credit card/in cash?

1.3. entrance fee

1.3.1. What is the entrance fee?

1.3.2. How much is the entrance fee?

1.4. discounts

1.4.1. Do you offer any discounts for (students)?

1.4.2. Is there a discount for students/families?

2. time/ dates

2.1. working hours/opening hours

2.1.1. What are the opening hours of the.....?

2.1.2. When is your club/shop/museusm/... open?

2.2. opening dates

2.2.1. What is the opening date of the....?

2.3. dates of the courses etc

2.3.1. What are the dates of the course?

2.3.2. When does the course begin/end?

3. delivery

3.1. What are the delivery options?

3.2. How long does the delivery take?

4. accommodation

4.1. What type of accommodation do you offer?

4.2. Do you provide accommodation?

5. facilities

5.1. What kinds of facilities do you offer?

5.2. What facilities are there in your club/swimming pool/ etc?

6. location

6.1. where is smth located (situated)?

7. duration

7.1. How long is the course/the show/etc?

7.2. How long does the course/show last?

8. permission

8.1. are there any age restrictions?

8.2. Is it allowed to bring food/take photos/ etc?

9. number of

9.1. How many courses are there in your club?

9.2. How many courses do you offer?

10. types/kinds of

10.1. What types(kinds) of smth are available?

10.2. What types(kinds) of smth do you offer?

10.3. What types(kinds) of smth are there in your club/museum/swimming pool/etc?

11. online booking/purchase

11.1. Is online reservation available?

11.2. Can I order online?

11.3. Can I book hotel online?

11.4. Do I need to make online reservation in advance?

12. availability

12.1. Is/Are smth available?

12.2. What kind of smth is available?