Celestial Object

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Celestial Object by Mind Map: Celestial Object

1. Meteor

1.1. a meteoroid that has enter the earth´s atmosphere

1.1.1. meteors are made from chunk that asteroid has fallen from they´ŕe made of rock

1.2. Meteoroid

1.2.1. a chunk of broken debris from comets or asteroid that hang around

1.2.2. Meteorite A meteoroid that makes it to earth or the moon.

2. Asteroid

2.1. celestial rocks that fallen of previous planet

2.1.1. they're most likely around the asteroid belt they´re made of rocks

3. Comet

3.1. A object that is made of ice and dust

3.1.1. comets orbit around the sun

4. Planets

4.1. They are found in space

4.1.1. Inner planets are closer to the sun. Outer planets are farther from the sun.


5. Moons

5.1. from to uranus that all the planet the have a moon

5.1.1. gravity from the planets help the moon orbit

6. Sun

6.1. gases and heats

6.1.1. it stays still the sun gravity helps it balance other planets

7. Gravity

7.1. a force that affect mass and distance pulls it down

7.1.1. mass takes up space distance is how long gravity govern the masss and distance