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TEKS by Mind Map: TEKS

1. Communication and Collaboration

1.1. Successfully communicating and cooperating with other peers, experts, or team members to create and share learning sources

1.2. Using emerging and current technologies with different mediums to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences

2. Research and Information Fluency

2.1. Effectively finding, analyzing, and implementing materials found

2.2. Having a research plan while using various types of reliable resources to select certain pieces of information for use and communication

3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

3.1. While using critical thinking and problem solving skills, identifying problems, creating questions, and using different technological resources to determine multiple possible and informative solutions

4. Digital Citizenship

4.1. The practicing of safe, responsible, ethical, and legal use of technology and online sources

4.2. The true understanding of proper use of technology and online sources for assignments as well as general use and behavior while being online

5. Operations and Concepts

5.1. Knowing and using the different forms of current technology to create and edit various project types

6. Creativity and Innovation

6.1. While using creative thinking, making and using different technological mediums to present and publish as a file over the topic content

6.2. Using different forms of systems and models to effectively analyze and convey different subject material as well as creating products and inspiring ideas