The Path of Honor

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The Path of Honor by Mind Map: The Path of Honor

1. PRINCIPLE Conceptualized

1.1. Explain this to a 5 year old

1.2. Worthy Quotation

1.2.1. Stensil Tool

1.3. Scripture

1.4. Tyson's SOLUTIONS (list 3)

1.4.1. Solution A

1.4.2. Solution B

1.4.3. Process 1

1.4.4. Methodology 1

1.4.5. What specific PROBLEMS do solutions help? (list 10) Problem 1 Problem 2 What specific CONTEXT are these problems found in? (list 10) Context 1 Context 2 List the possible specific ways a QUESTION can be asked from each specific context given sincerity of desire. (list 10) What client STORY comes to mind? (List any # of stories within main tree or branch... can do this anytime)

1.4.6. What specific STRENGTHS do your solutions amplify? Strength 1 Strength 2 What is specifically WORKING well for your target? Working well 1 Working well 2 What is your target's MISSION/cause? Strength 2

2. Spiritual Creation

2.1. In the Beginning: Unblocking Your Identity

2.2. Your Path: Defining Your Purpose

2.3. Goal Connection & Alignment: Aligning Purpose & Goals With God

2.4. Spiritual Creation Process: How to Plan in a way that Serves You

2.5. The Laws of Spiritual Creation: Faith, Action, Evidence

3. Mental Evaluation

3.1. Insight Hacking: Combining Model Work with Prayer

3.2. Irrational Self Honor: Eliminating Self-Judgement

3.3. Acclamation: Stepping into New Version of Yourself

3.4. Tools of Evaluation: Evaluation Questions & Process

3.5. The Laws of Mental Evaluation: Thoughts are the Core of Change, Evaluation Fundamentals

4. Physical Execution

4.1. The Honor Code: Doing What Say Will Do, Connecting to Purpose Daily

4.2. Focus Vs Distraction: Eliminating Urges to Distract & Do More

4.3. The Super Human Trap: Perfectionism

4.4. Intention Before Attention: Transitions, Purpose of Activity, Etc

4.5. The Laws of Physical Execution: Constraint, Traps of Thinking that Occur with Follow-Through