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1. Founder

1.1. Murshid Quli Khan

1.1.1. Murshid Quli Khan was appointed as naib to the governor of the province. But he was never the part of official subadar ( government of a province or state) . Gradually he had a great power and ruled Bengal as an independent ruler.

2. Strategies by Murshid Quli Khan

2.1. In order to reduce the mughal influence over Bengal Murshid Quli Khan relocated all the mughal jagirdars to Orissa.

2.1.1. The revenue was collected in cash from all the zamindars (and this was strictly adhered). So zamindars had to borrow money from moneylenders. Zamindars who could not afford to pay were forced sell their lands to big zamindars. This all led to a close connection between the state and the bankers.