Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

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Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown by Mind Map: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

1. When Cyrus beat Ronan's friend in a competition, it reminded of a time when I felt left out.

1.1. When Ronan kept being bullied, it reminded me of a time when I was too.

2. In one part of the story, they show pictures from the Galactic Art History test.

2.1. The "Mona Jedi" looks like the Mona Lisa, but its just a Wookie dressed up like Mona Lisa.

2.2. There is also "The Jedi Thinker," a sculpture that reminds me of the Thinker, which I saw in Washington, D.C.

3. The Light(Saber) It Up! School Dance reminds me of the Variety Show.

3.1. At my old school in Connecticut, I had a variety show where we danced to songs and performed in front of the whole entire school - including the principal - and our families.

4. Mr. Garfield reminds me of Professor Snape from Harry Potter.

4.1. Mr. Garfield is always mean to the main character, Ronan, just like Professor Snape is mean to Harry Potter.

5. The scene where they are playing dodgeball reminds me of Rock 'n Jump.

5.1. Rock 'n Jump is a place where you jump on trampolines. I used to go there in Connecticut. There is dodge ball section there - where you play with other kids on a trampoline.