Business Environment, Ethics and Strategy


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Business Environment, Ethics and Strategy by Mind Map: Business Environment, Ethics and Strategy

1. Ethics

1.1. Ethics in business

1.1.1. Social responsibility social contribution Reducing damage Sustainability

1.1.2. Government position Law & regulations Taxes Protection towards industry International trade

1.1.3. Corporate responsibility towards employees Diversity Employeer behaviour Work environment

2. Business Environment

2.1. Business in canada

2.1.1. What is different?

2.1.2. What can be improved?

2.1.3. Context

2.1.4. How they do it?

2.2. Organizations

2.2.1. How things are done? Clients Suppliers Shareholders Benefits Revenue Income Performance Employees

2.2.2. How are they build? Organization Hierarchy Orientation

2.2.3. Technology The role of technology in the company

2.2.4. Labour environment Canada Vs the world Labour context

2.3. Managers & leaders

2.3.1. Overminded System

2.3.2. Outcomes

3. Strategy

3.1. Economic Integration

3.2. The way a manager should behave

3.2.1. Emotional Intelligence

3.2.2. Thinking further away

3.3. Decision making

3.3.1. What is best for the company?

3.3.2. Is it Ethical?

3.3.3. long-term impact?

3.4. Damaging effect

3.4.1. Security branchel

3.4.2. Confidentiality

3.4.3. Responsibilities Integrity Way of doing things

3.5. Judging ethics

3.5.1. decision making

3.5.2. Social responsibility