Environment Issue

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Environment Issue by Mind Map: Environment Issue

1. Solid WastePollution

1.1. City Government

1.1.1. Environment Campaigns Tree-Plantings Advertisements Street Cleaners Eco- Center

1.1.2. Recyling Projects Recycling Bins

1.1.3. Sustaining Dump-sites and Landfills Garbage Collection

1.1.4. declaring environment laws awareness of the people

1.2. Barangays or Communities

1.2.1. Community Services Street cleaning Unclogging of drainages

1.2.2. Community Mobilizations

1.3. DENR

1.3.1. provides approval on dumsites

1.3.2. implementing proper laws From schools educating from environment Public Places awareness on environment

1.4. Other Countries

1.4.1. Japan, Korea and Unites States Of America Environment Acts Technology Used in the issue

2. By: Alpha Googlers