Life on The Goldfields

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Life on The Goldfields by Mind Map: Life on The Goldfields

1. Life of Children

1.1. Went to school

1.2. Looked after horses for money

1.3. Helped parents do chores if old enough.

2. Schooling

2.1. Most schools were tents

2.2. Learning Writing and arithmatics was hard

2.3. Girls would learn needlework.

3. Entertainment

3.1. Women danced for men.

3.2. Hunting

3.2.1. birds

3.2.2. kangaroos

3.3. Theatres established

3.4. Lola Montez showered by gold when she performed

4. Clothes

4.1. Women's wear

4.1.1. Petticoat

4.1.2. Long shirts that covered their ankles

4.1.3. Long sleeves to their wrists

4.1.4. lace up or button up bodices and boots

4.2. Men's wear

4.2.1. Broard brimmed hat

4.2.2. Long trousers held up with a belt

4.2.3. long sleeved shirt

5. Food

5.1. Usually damper with mutton.

5.2. Water had to be boiled before drinking

5.3. Sometimes ate bird that have been shot

5.4. Fresh food limited

5.5. Tea

5.6. Very expensive

6. Sickness

6.1. Dysentery

6.2. Typhoid

6.3. Diptheria

6.4. Scarlet fever

7. Shopping

7.1. Shops were only tents

7.2. Butchery shops were smelly and unhygenic

7.3. Traders

7.4. Gold buyers

8. Homes

8.1. Mostly tents

8.2. Maybe bark huts

8.3. Makeshift and temporary

8.4. Hotels and boarding houses built of wood and lined with calico

9. Travel

9.1. Sometimes used wheelbarrows to carry things

9.2. Most had no horse,so needed to walk to goldfields

9.3. Took several days walk to goldfields

9.4. Ships from other countries took 7 or 8 weeks to reach here

10. Facts

10.1. Had to work every day except Sunday if want to keep claim otherwise it would be taken over

10.2. Most police were ex convicts and brutal

10.3. Not all diggers became rich

10.4. rich people mostly landowners and traders

10.5. Oct 1872 largest nugget of gold,Holtermman's Nugget found,weighing 286 kg.

11. Dangers

11.1. Bushrangers on the road to the goldfields