What i love

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What i love by Mind Map: What i love

1. What kind of problem i would like tobring solution to

1.1. i think that alot of customers dosnt feel the product or the company understanding their needs

1.2. the customer doesn't understand the features and benefits of a certain product and how it improv their life

1.3. as sales manager my job to communicate with both customer and the production team

1.4. so i try to convey to the customers the features and benefits of the product that fit her / his needs

2. Job i get excited about

2.1. Customer service

2.2. Sales

2.3. Hotel manager

2.4. Human recurs manger

3. Where im good at

3.1. Time organization

3.2. Sales

3.3. Making new friends

3.4. Finding new motivation

3.5. Learning ideas from others

3.6. Helping people

3.7. Empathize with other people

4. What the world need

4.1. Tolerance

4.2. Kindness

4.3. More people can communicate emotionally

5. work

6. Communicate with others

7. Meet new people

8. Challenge my self

9. Explore new places

10. I love to help people around me

11. Travel

12. learn