Relative clause

Relative clauseAli Güney 2018243031

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Relative clause by Mind Map: Relative clause

1. Who/That

1.1. Subject or object pronoun for people

1.1.1. That is the boy broke the window.

1.1.2. Mehmet that is Ahmet's friend came to our home.

2. Which/That

2.1. Subject or object pronoun for ANIMALS or THINGS

2.1.1. The dog which Ahmet was walking with.

2.1.2. The apple that was bitten by Ali

3. Where

3.1. Refers to a place

3.1.1. We went to the forrest where we used to go.

4. When

4.1. Refers to time expessions

4.1.1. Next saturday is the day when we will be on vacation.

5. Whose

5.1. Possession for people, animals and things

5.1.1. The woman whose shoes are red is my mother.