War Of 1812

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War Of 1812 by Mind Map: War Of 1812

1. Effects Of The War

1.1. Economic Sanctions

1.1.1. Britian and France threatened america with several economic sanctions

1.2. Economy disfunctions

1.2.1. During the war Britain block the eastern coast of america off so they couldn't engage in foreign trade.

1.2.2. Native Americans and enslaved black Americans where used for aid then when considered useless they were left to fight with no guns or ammo so they were forces to surrender.

2. Key people in the war

2.1. Andrew Jackson

2.1.1. One of the main generals who helped with precidency and who was rewarded precidency

2.2. Jacob Brown

2.2.1. Another one of the main generals who helped with precidency

2.3. Winfield Scott

2.3.1. Also another general who helped lead to victory

3. 4 major battles

3.1. Battle Of New Orleans

3.1.1. January 8-18 1815 10 day battle

3.2. Battle of lake Erie

3.2.1. Only a single day battle from 11:45 am to 3:00 pm

3.3. Battle of bladensburg and the burning of washington

3.3.1. Single day battle also for 3 hours on August 24 1814

3.4. Battle Of Plattsburg

3.4.1. 4 day battle from September 6-11

4. Causes of the war of 1812

4.1. Immediate causes

4.1.1. Economic Sanctions from britain Britain Started

4.1.2. Chesapeake Incident America started

4.2. Expansionism

4.2.1. People werent satisfied with the amount of land britain were taking