Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem by Mind Map: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

1. Support Organizations

1.1. B2C

1.1.1. Incubators Innovation Works

1.1.2. Gaming GoVenture

1.1.3. Co-Working Spaces General Assembly The Hub

1.1.4. Training Inspiration Empact100 Youth Venture Exposure Lemonade Day Venture for America Little Green Money Machine Invent Now Startup Rising Tide Capital MicroMentor Startup Bootcamp NC REAL Growth Pipeline Entrepreneurs Edward Lowe Foundation Interise Gazelles Count Me In International Astia Springboard Enterprises Aileron

1.1.5. Accelerators YCombinator Bizdom Techstars Entrepreneur Center MASS Challenge Unreasonable Institute Rocket Space 500 Startups

1.1.6. Entrepreneur Membership Freelancers Union National Association for the Self-Employed International Franchise Association Entrepreneurs Organization Startup America Partnership Chief Executives Organization YPO YEC TiE Entrepreneurs' Foundation

1.1.7. Tools MultiFunding Loose Cubes Resource Nation Palo Alto Software

1.1.8. Coaching SCORE SBDCs Urban Entrepreneurship Partnership

1.2. B2B

1.2.1. University Associations SIFE Kairos Society Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

1.2.2. Consultants David Baldwin Richard Bendis Erik Pages

1.2.3. Training (Curriculum / Teacher Trianing) Making Cents International NFTE FastTrac DECA Junior Achievement Ice House Entrepreneurship Program PlanningShop Business Model Generation The Lean Startup Startup Owners Manual Generation E Coleman Fellows Project Lead the Way Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise Moneythink

1.2.4. Ecosystem Jumpstart America RUPRI Idea Village Global Entrepreneurship Week US Source Link Regional Merrimack Valley Sandbox Entrepreneurship Education Consortium YES

1.2.5. Tools iStart iBridge Gust

1.2.6. Events Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour

2. Foundations

2.1. Entrepreneurship

2.1.1. Kauffman Foundation People Thom Ruhe, Vice President of Entrepreneurship Jonathan Robinson, Manager of Entrepreneurship Programs Grantees Startup Weekend Icehouse Entrepreneurship Program Global Entrepreneurship Week Kauffman FastTrac US Source Link Astia Programs iStart.org Entrepreneurship.org UEP Energy Innovation Network iBridge Founder Ewing Marion Kauffman

2.1.2. Coleman Foundation Programs Coleman Fellows People Michael Hennessy, President & CEO Clark McCain, Senior Program Officer Rosa Berardi, Program Officer Grantees Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship Generation E Founder Dorothy & J. D. Coleman

2.1.3. Templeton Foundation Grantees Junior Achievement NFTE Founder John Templeton

2.1.4. Deshpande Foundation Grantees Idea Village Merrimack Valley Sandbox People Raj Melville, Executive Director Programs Deshpande Innovation Network

2.1.5. Sam's Club People Susan Koehler, Senior Manager Founder Sam Walton

2.1.6. McKelvey Foundation Founder Andy McKelvey People Christine McKelvey

2.1.7. Charles Koch Foundation Founder Charles Koch

2.1.8. Burton D Morgan Foundation People Alison J. Burner, Program Officer Deborah Hoover, President & CEO Leslie Nelson, Senior Program Offier Founder

2.1.9. Mott Foundation People

2.1.10. Kern Family Foundation People Tim Kriewall Programs Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network

2.1.11. Lemelson Foundation People Carol Dahl

2.2. Philanthropists

2.2.1. Clay Mathile

2.2.2. Desh Deshpande Deshpande Foundation

2.2.3. Richard Branson Virgin Entrepreneurship Centers

2.2.4. Jeff Sandefer

2.2.5. Naveen Jain

2.2.6. John Pappajohn Pappajohn Entrepreneurship Centers

2.2.7. T. Boone Pickens

2.2.8. John Hughes Hughes Foundation Coleman Foundation

2.2.9. Dan Gilbert Bizdom

2.2.10. Reid Hoffman Endeavor Startup America Partnership Kiva

3. Corporations

3.1. Google Ventures

3.2. Starkbucks Indivisible Campaign

3.2.1. Grantee Opportunity Finance Network

3.3. Blackstone Launchpad

3.3.1. People Amy Sturberg

3.3.2. Grantee University of Miami

3.4. NYSE Big Startup

3.4.1. Partners Accion Startup America Partnership Entrepreneurs' Organization

3.5. Dell Social Innovation Challenge

3.5.1. Partners University of Texas - Austin

3.6. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

3.7. Microsoft's Imagine Cup

3.8. Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute

3.9. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

3.9.1. Current Grantees NFTE Startup America Partnership Endeavor

3.9.2. Sponsors Kauffman Foundation

3.9.3. People Herb Engert, Americas Leader--Strategic Growth Markets Bryan Pearce, Americas Director Entrepreneur of the Year and Venture Capital Advisory Group Erika Chambers, Americas Strategic Growth Markets Communities Manager

3.10. .CO #startuplife

3.11. Citi

4. Government

4.1. Elected Officials

4.1.1. Governors

4.1.2. Congressmen House Committee on Small Business Majority Committee Minority Committee

4.1.3. Senators Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship Mary L. Landrieu (D-LA) Carl Levin (D-MI) Tom Harkin (D-IA) John Kerry (D-MA) Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) Maria Cantwell (D-WA) Mark Pryor (D-AR) Ben L. Cardin (D-MD) Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) Kay Hagan (D-NC) Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Ranking Member David Vitter (R-LA) James Risch (R-ID) Marco Rubio (D-FL) Rand Paul (R-KY) Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Mike Enzi (R-WY) Scott Brown (R-MA) Jerry Moran (R-KS)

4.1.4. State Assembly

4.1.5. Mayors

4.2. Departments

4.2.1. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

4.2.2. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) Project GATE (Growing America Through Entrepreneurship

4.2.3. Department of Education States Districts

4.2.4. Department of Commerce Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation i6 Challenge

4.2.5. Department of Agriculture

4.2.6. Small Business Administration Office of Entrepreneurship Education SBDCs

4.2.7. State Department Global Entrepreneurship Program

4.2.8. National Science Foundation Innovation Corps

4.2.9. Appalachian Regional Commission

4.2.10. USAID

5. Media

5.1. Local

5.1.1. New York Enterprise Report

5.2. Mainstream

5.2.1. MTVU

5.2.2. CNBC

5.2.3. MSNBC Your Business

5.2.4. New York Times Small Business

5.2.5. Time Small Business

5.2.6. WSJ Small Business

5.2.7. USA Today Small Business

5.2.8. Huffington Post Small Business

5.2.9. Businessweek

5.2.10. Washington Post - Small Business

5.2.11. CNN Small Business

5.2.12. Forbes Entrepreneurs

5.3. Entrepreneurship

5.3.1. Inc.

5.3.2. Upstart

5.3.3. Entrepreneur

5.3.4. Black Enterprise

5.3.5. Startup Nation

5.3.6. Small Business Trends

5.3.7. Small Business Technology

5.3.8. AllBusiness.com

5.3.9. Small Business Advocate

5.3.10. Entrepreneurship.org

5.4. Tech

5.4.1. TechCrunch

5.4.2. Pando Daily

5.4.3. GigaOm

5.4.4. Startup Digest

5.4.5. Tech Cocktail

5.4.6. Mashable

5.4.7. Silicon Prairie News

5.5. Blogs

5.5.1. Eric Ries

5.5.2. Steve Blank

5.6. Newsletter

5.6.1. Startup Digest

5.6.2. Innovation America

5.7. Policy

5.7.1. Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

5.8. Podcasts

5.8.1. This Week in Startups

5.8.2. Mixergy

5.8.3. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

5.8.4. Foundation

5.9. TV

5.9.1. BizKids

5.9.2. Teletime Video

6. Investors

6.1. Venture Capital

6.1.1. Andreesen Horowitz

6.1.2. Benchmark Capital

6.1.3. Union Square Ventures

6.2. Angels

6.2.1. Ron Conway

6.2.2. Reid Hoffman

7. Financing

7.1. Micro-Loans

7.1.1. Opportunity International

7.1.2. Accion

7.1.3. Youth Business International

7.1.4. Grameen Foundation

7.2. Crowdfunding

7.2.1. Indiegogo

7.2.2. Kickstarter

7.2.3. Kiva

7.2.4. Fundable

7.2.5. quirky

7.2.6. Angel List

7.2.7. Early-Stage Street Funder CrowdFunding Offerings crowdrise peerbackers investedin RocketHub 40Billion Start Some Good Startup Addict gofundme

7.3. Community Development Financial Institutions

7.4. Commercial

7.4.1. Bank of America

7.4.2. J. P. Morgan Chase

7.4.3. Citigroup

7.4.4. Wells Fargo

7.4.5. PNC

7.4.6. US Bancorp

7.4.7. Bank of the New York Mellon Corp

7.4.8. Suntrust

7.4.9. State Street

7.4.10. Capital One

7.4.11. BB&T

7.4.12. Regions Financial Corp

7.4.13. Fifth Third Bankcorp

7.4.14. Keycorp

7.5. Venture Debt

7.5.1. Silicon Valley Bank

7.6. Credit Cards

7.6.1. AMEX

7.6.2. Master Card

7.6.3. Visa

7.6.4. Discover

7.7. Grants

7.7.1. Echoing Green

7.7.2. Ashoka

8. Associations

8.1. Advocacy

8.1.1. Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

8.1.2. NFIB

8.1.3. US Chamber of Commerce

8.1.4. Small Business Majority

8.1.5. National Small Business Association

8.1.6. Latino Coalition

8.2. Trade

8.2.1. ASME

8.2.2. Manufacturing Institute

8.2.3. Energy Innovation Network

8.3. Industry

8.3.1. SBDC

8.3.2. National Association of Workforce Boards

8.3.3. National Association of Workforce Development Professionals

8.3.4. SSTI

8.3.5. Technology Councils of North America

8.3.6. Global Accelerator Network

8.3.7. National Business Incubation Association

8.3.8. National Crowdfunding Association

8.3.9. Crowdfunding Professional Association

8.3.10. Council on Competitiveness

8.3.11. Deskmag (Co-working)

8.4. Education

8.4.1. High School Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education Association for Career and Technical Education

8.4.2. College National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers United States Association of Small Business & Entrepreneurship National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Ashoka U Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network Self Employment in the Arts Small Business Institute

8.5. Philanthropy

8.5.1. Philanthropy Roundtable

8.5.2. Council on Foundations

8.5.3. Association of Small Foundations

8.6. International

8.6.1. Aspen Development Network of Entrepreneurs

8.6.2. Global Business School Network

8.6.3. Global Entrepreneurship Week

8.6.4. Intnernational Council on Small Business

8.7. Financing

8.7.1. National Venture Capital Association

8.7.2. Opportunity Finance Network

8.7.3. Angel Capital Association

8.7.4. Association of Enterprise Opportunity

8.7.5. National Association of Seed and Venture Funds

8.7.6. The Council of Development Finance Agencies

8.7.7. Keiretsu Forum

8.7.8. cfed

8.8. Economic Development

8.8.1. International Economic Development Council

8.8.2. University Economic Development Association

8.8.3. National Association of Development Organizations

8.8.4. National Rural Economic Development Association

8.9. Technology Transfer

8.9.1. Association of University Technology Managers

8.9.2. Association of University Research Parks

8.10. Government

8.10.1. National Governor's Association

8.10.2. National League of Cities

8.10.3. US Conference on Mayors

8.11. Creative Economy

8.11.1. National Creativity Network

8.11.2. Oklahoma Creativity

9. Local Entrepreneurship Networks

9.1. Workforce Development

9.2. Economic Development

9.3. Chambers of Commerce

9.4. SBDCs

9.5. Co-Working

9.6. Incubators

9.7. Accelerators

9.8. Women's Business Centers

10. Education

10.1. Primary

10.1.1. Ivy Academia

10.2. Secondary

10.2.1. Breakthrough Schools

10.2.2. Buchholz High School Entrepreneurship Academy

10.2.3. University School

10.2.4. Entrepreneuring Youth

10.2.5. The Entrepreneurship Project

10.2.6. Four Bands Community Fund

10.2.7. Stafford Technical Center

10.3. Community College

10.3.1. Johnson County Community College

10.3.2. Lorain County Community College

10.4. College / University

10.4.1. Arizona State University

10.4.2. MIT

10.4.3. Texas Christian University (TCU) TCU Entrepreneurship Club

10.4.4. University of Miami

10.4.5. Georgetown University

10.4.6. Cogswell College

10.4.7. University of Pennsylvania

10.4.8. Rice University Business Plan Competition

10.4.9. Babson College