Material summary

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Material summary by Mind Map: Material summary

1. Narrative text Narrative is a text focusing on Specific participants its social Function is to tell stories Or pasti events and entertain The readers

1.1. Generic structure of narrative • Orientation • Complication • Re solution • Re orientation

1.2. Language feature of narrative • Using past simple tense or past Tenses •Using adverbs of time • Using direct and indirect speech

2. Recount text Recount is means describing the story. So the recount text can be called a text whose content tells something historical recount text. Is recount text that explains or tells about important history

2.1. Historical recount text aims to Retell event or activities with the Aim of preaching without any Conflict within story.

2.2. The Recount Text using simple Past tense, using action verb.

2.3. Generic structure of recount text • Orientation • Events • Re-orientation

3. Song Song is musical composition intended to be performed by the human voice. Song using sound

3.1. Socials function of song • To entertain • To teach Moral value • To express personal feeling

3.1.1. Generalisasi structure •Intro •Verse •Chorus of refrain •Break •bridge •Outro

3.2. Language features •Alliteration •Rhyming word •Lyrics •Poetic devices • Word Play and slang language