PS130 Media & Communications Planning

What staff needs to know about their Google Apps accounts.

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PS130 Media & Communications Planning by Mind Map: PS130 Media & Communications Planning

1. Plans

2. Resources

3. Strategies for Raising Awareness & Staff Usage

3.1. teach search

3.1.1. use unified names Gr3 etc. Rename

3.2. grade team leaders turnkey to the other groups

3.3. Add "portal" links to website

3.4. Create a catch-all folder to be filed/properly named later

4. "PS 130 Curriculum" (Google Drive)

5. Digital Resources

5.1. Google Apps for Education

5.1.1. Gmail: [email protected] can forward to other email accounts conversations are grouped teachers' [email protected]

5.1.2. Google Sites Google Sites: Class Pages review Class Sites Example: Middle School Art site (worksheets, powerpoints, etc. for students). This teacher's Google Site will be a online back up for kids, and potentially a paperless bank of resources for her class. She can also think of this as a teaching portfolio of exemplary work. See the setup on on of her Unit pages (click the arrow for the link) add page edit page insert (image, maps, calendar, docs, etc.) links The place to share finished resources with students & parents (TBD) organized by unit, and resources from Google Docs are linked photos, forms, newsletters, student work

5.1.3. Google Calendar staff events public events personal/class calendars (optional)

5.1.4. Google Docs within accounts using "conversations" feature in the margins while collaborating on documents (try it by highlighting some text and clicking "Insert + Comment". creating a "portal" of shared folders called curriculum resources"collections" used for shared Data Spreadsheets

5.1.5. Google Custom Maps & Others

5.1.6. future: Student Portfolios using Apps Accounts 3rd Grade Google Docs Spring 2012? start account with Docs might allow them to blog on the class website goals 4th grade pilot in 2012-2013? students manage limited accounts all written work is archived in docs Sites could be where they showcase their best work -- teachers would make recommendations for what to include in the portfolio site. images of any written work can be photographed and uploaded to Docs Docs & Sites to start

5.1.7. PD: How to use your Apps Getting everyone Logged in to Google Apps first initial + last name (i.e. [email protected]) click "Login to Apps" on left side of Google Apps Hands on Work Gmail Google Docs Calendar Sites QUICK TIPS Any docs, calendars, etc. can be shared with outside Gmail/Google accounts ALL ARE CONNECTED TO GMAIL ACCOUNTS & CAN SEND TEXT ALERTS

5.2. Google Drive

5.2.1. minutes/agendas

5.2.2. unit maps drafts

5.2.3. data spreadsheets

5.2.4. tech help & planning documents

5.3. Evernote

5.3.1. Running Records

5.3.2. Conference Notes

5.3.3. Shared accounts for grade levels?

5.3.4. Might consider trying the Google Drive app since it allows saving to Google Drive from iPad

5.4. Other Software in Use at 130

5.4.1. MindMeister Graphic Organizer (ed account?)

5.4.2. Voicethread (ed account?)

5.4.3. iMovie

5.4.4. Vimeo for Video Hosting (free [email protected]/ps130parents)

5.4.5. iPad Apps: Evernote...

5.4.6. Smart Notebook

5.5. Hardware

5.5.1. iPads

5.5.2. Interactive White Boards

5.5.3. Laptops

5.5.4. iMacs

5.6. School Websites (see "Websites")

6. Policies

6.1. Digital Citizenship Contract (TBD)

6.2. Privacy (TBD)

6.2.1. COPPA

6.2.2. NYCDOE Acceptable Use

6.2.3. Need to develop 130 policy

6.3. Email Policy with Parents

7. Personnel: Who's doing what

7.1. Tech Team as of 2013

7.1.1. setting goals for tech team & all staff Google Drive (spreadsheets first) Data Email (staff list) consider doe iPad use in the classroom iPads for data entry (air display) List goals... Google Sites Class Pages (review examples, start model sites, talk through existing wikispaces, etc.) CCLS Task Bundle alignment

7.1.2. representing grade teams

7.1.3. turnkeying key skills Let's discuss when this will happen and how... Google Drive Spreadsheet Data Entry iPad use Smartboard troubleshooting

7.1.4. setting up for grade team planning of CCLS aligned plans

7.1.5. All should become Google Apps administrators by the end of the year!

7.1.6. Timeline for Tech Team

7.1.7. Student accounts in Drive in upper grades

7.2. Tech Team PD Agendas

7.2.1. 10.2.2013 Talk about the Tech Team Role Updates to Software Google Drive (My Drive) Google Drive App Notebook 11 iOS6 Review Google Apps Logins make sure all are shared into folderes match to the spreadsheet create new accounts, groups & administrators Rhys add new resources to the 130 Tech Folder Check out Current Data Spreadsheet Status Talk through the major areas of Media Literacy & Communication @ 130, set goals, make timeline (see below) Brainstorming with Arts Connection, Rhys & Caroline around CCLS 1pm DOE Intranet Presentation 2:15

7.3. Ms. Nunziata

7.3.1. Gatekeeper of all permanent information on the website

7.3.2. delegation of roles for all below

7.4. Caroline

7.4.1. Curriculum development around CCLS Tasks

7.4.2. Google Apps Administrator

7.5. Rhys

7.5.1. consultation on the re-development of the public website

7.5.2. grade team collaboration planning goal-setting unit/project/activity planning PD: to build skills and resources PD: in-class modeling and assisting

7.5.3. PD around communication tools website Google Docs iPads

7.5.4. Google Apps Administrator

7.6. Jackie

7.6.1. posting daily announcements to the website

7.6.2. sending emails to parent email lists

7.6.3. updating the Google Calendar monthly

7.7. Lisa

7.7.1. Tech Cluster Teacher

7.7.2. Tech Support

7.8. Helen

7.8.1. Parent Volunteer

7.8.2. Website updates

7.8.3. Class website collaboration

7.9. PTA

7.9.1. initial re-development of the website

7.9.2. adding content and managing content on the website with school approval

7.9.3. connection to Ms. Nunziata about content needs of the website

7.10. Bob Jackson

7.10.1. Preparing Data Spreadsheets

7.10.2. Generating reports from teacher data

7.11. Cyrena

7.11.1. data spreadsheet management in Google Docs

7.11.2. Google Apps for Education Administrator

7.12. John Corador

7.12.1. hardware and software tech support

7.12.2. updating computers

7.12.3. Under Neil Nicastro

7.13. Tech Support & Management Strategies

7.13.1. acknowledge limitations of technology lots of new laptops limited tech support

7.13.2. student tech leaders in each class

7.13.3. teacher maintenance roles & team-approach sign out routine: Google Calendar? Spreadsheet? commitment to learn best practices for maintenance (your knowledge, student help)

7.13.4. parent volunteers

7.13.5. tech cluster teacher (NA)

7.13.6. form in the office

7.14. Xavier Tequipment Smartboard problems

7.14.1. from Tequipment

7.14.2. 1800 number...

7.14.3. handles Smartboards

7.15. Denise Pascorella will call in issues to HelpDesk

8. Websites

8.1. Public Website

8.1.1. About us (right now this is the home page) About Text, Calendar & News Headlines in sidebar CURRICULUM (sublink) summaries of different content areas pacing calendars would be posted on class websites Admissions (sublink) NOTE: link to news in the blog

8.1.2. News Blog posts announcments news school closings, field trips, etc. Mainly managed by Jackie & Charlotte PTA can also make announcements here if they want to merge their site with this one (TBD) Submenu: Calendar Page (embedded Google Calendar managed by Jackie)

8.1.3. Resources (or Parent Resources) Middle School & Other Links link PTO/A website

8.1.4. Class Websites (teachers will manage these on Google Sites) linked from menu on homework newsletters teacher's wish lists pacing calendars/curriculum maps

8.1.5. Contact phone numbers google map

8.2. Other PS 130 Websites

8.2.1. grade level websites in Google Sites (starting 2012 - at least with a pilot) audiences & goals parents kids staff now/in the future organizational memory shared by grade team home page Resource Archive RSS feed from PS130 home page 130 Google Calendar Individual class pages individual class pages blogs of published student work windows into the classroom embedded Voicethreads, Videos, etc. photos/slideshows class schedule customized unit links & info discuss/questions what goes where? what's not represented? who's adding images (and how)? layout of the Resource Lists

8.2.2. shared staff website (TBD) announcments forms office communications links to all staff documents expectations Calendar

8.2.3. Question: What do we do when we have teachers that do their own thing, but other teachers on the grade level do not follow (and aren't required to?)