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1. Assessment criteria:  Explain the purpose, principles and characteristics of scientific research  Outline and defend the various steps involved in planning a research project  Explain the value of a detailed research proposal.  Recognise and discuss the nature of a research project (qualitative or quantitative or mixed methods) is recognised from its documentation (i.e. articles and case studies).  Identify and appropriately formulate a research problem as a research question with specific research aim(s).  Justify an appropriate research design to a research problem.  Differentiate between and critically reason about quantitative, qualitative and mixed method research approaches.  Identify and distinguish between the relevant variables for a given research topic.  Distinguish between a population and a sample and motivate various sampling procedures (quantitative or qualitative).  Evaluate the importance of reliability and validity in data collection and measuring instruments.  Evaluate the characteristics and quality of a research proposal.  Describe the basic process of conducting research.  Describe the methods and steps involved in conducting literature review.  Evaluate the benefits and challenges of performing a literature study in research.  Conduct a literature search, integrate and present appropriate literature in a suitable academic and scientific style.  Apply the basic principles of referencing and scientific writing in producing and in editing written material.  Outline ethical best practice considerations and issues of plagiarism in scientific research.  Identify and critically reflect on ethical issues and challenges in scientific research.

1.1. Specific Outcome 1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles, concepts and methodology of scientific research.

2. Specific Outcome 2: Demonstrate the ability to plan and apply the process of research in a research proposal of limited scope, based on given topics.

2.1. Assessment criteria: HMEMS80/101/3/2021 8  Interpret a given research problem and correctly phrase an appropriate research title.  Use the library and the internet to conduct a literature review on a given topic.  Present an integrated literature review in a suitable academic and scientific style.  Apply the basic principles of referencing and scientific writing in producing and in editing written material. HMEMS80/101/3/2021 9  Display awareness of ethics and consequences of plagiarism in writing up the research proposal  Formulate appropriate research objectives in line with the given topic.  Motivate and argue an appropriate research design (quantitative, qualitative or mixed method) for the given topic.  Identify an appropriate sample and motivate the advantages and disadvantages of the selected sampling procedures (quantitative or qualitative) to be used for the given topic.  Identify and describe relevant measuring instruments, also taking into consideration the reliability and validity of instruments used.  Describe how ethical principles and guidelines will be adhered to in the given research topic.  Identify and motivate appropriate data analysis techniques for the given research topic.  Consolidate and appraise the quality of the written research proposal.