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Comprehension by Mind Map: Comprehension

1. the ability to understand something, making meaning of text

2. Struggling readers making inferences and finding text evidence to analyze.

3. Comprehension - constructing and extracting meaning through interacting with text

4. finding meaning in the text

5. Background knowledge is a key component to comprehension.

6. Lack of background information, socialcultural differences, and vocabulary deficits all impact negatively

7. Fluency plays a large, but not exclusive, role in comprehension

8. understanding material read

9. Developing vocabulary

10. Need to be able to read fluently & accurately in order to comprehend

11. lack of background knowledge to connect to ttext

12. Beyond, About, and within the text understanding

13. Challenge I face with reading comprehension is engaging the students in a discussion about the text.

14. the reader, the text, and the task matter

15. interaction between text, reader, and task

16. Vocabulary knowledge plays a role in comprehension

17. comprehension in the ability to understand written texts.

18. the goal of reading is a deep level of comprehension=understanding text

19. annotating is a great way to increase comprehension

20. explicit instruction in comprehension is needed; not sure we always know what that is supposed to be

21. Skills and strategies needed for effective comprehension, background knowledge, vocabulary, and social communication.

22. Little information about best teaching practices

23. Hollis Scarborogh's reading rope...interaction between word recognition and language comprehension

24. Using visualization/mental images

25. Decoding is paramount before comprehension can take place.