Technology Applications: Grade 8

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Technology Applications: Grade 8 by Mind Map: Technology Applications: Grade 8

1. Knowledge and Skills

2. Technology Operations and Concepts

2.1. Students will gain a thorough and confident understanding of current technology systems and operations as well as learn about previous technological advancements and how they impacted the technology we have today.

3. Digital Citizenship

3.1. Students will learn how to safely, ethically, and legally operate technological resources.

4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

4.1. Students will apply critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to make informed decisions while completing various projects.

5. Creativity and Innovation

5.1. Students are expected to use their creativity and innovation to develop new knowledge and products by using files in several formats, publishing works, and analyzing models and trends.

6. Research and Information Fluency

6.1. Students will learn how to properly research using technological databases by developing research plans that include evaluating search strategies, evaluating resources for accuracy, and effectively communicating their results.

7. Communication and Collaboration

7.1. Students will communicate and collaborate on projects with peers and experts through the use of resources such as blogs, video communication, etc.

8. Introduction

8.1. The curriculum for Technology Applications includes six primary content strands that students will learn to master.