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Church management by Mind Map: Church management

1. Community Center for churches

1.1. Features

1.1.1. Dashboard View Congregation Vew small groups view ministrys Tasks can work like astrid downloadable tasks calendar In/Out Board "see who's working where" Prayer Requests "Another 135 abatable notifications"

1.1.2. Profiles Familys and individules can make pastoral notes Participation Companies and payees kids checkin

1.1.3. Connect Rapid data entry of Welcome cards Newcomers Pastoral Care Leader care

1.1.4. Involvement Classes management Ministry management Small group Management Other "groups" Attendance GRAPHS!!!

1.1.5. Income MORE REPORTS Statements and letters Giving letter ect ie thank you letters for giving Batches

1.1.6. Expenses Check requests forms budgets Let ministry leaders view their budgets and track expenses

1.2. Thoughts

1.2.1. I don't see much social networking integration

1.2.2. looks like this one is Administrative only

1.2.3. dont know how it will work on mobile / iPad

1.2.4. looks like it can "track" online giving but I don't see a online tithing system

1.3. Prices

1.3.1. Basic 39/mo up to 5 users Child/Youth Checkin General & Profile Tasks Quickbooks Export Additional Users 10/mo/user

1.3.2. Plus 79/mo Up to 10 users Child/Youth Check-in General & Profile Tasks Quickbooks Export Additional Users $10/month/user

1.3.3. Premium149/mo Unlimited users Child/Youth Check-in General & Profile Tasks Quickbooks Export In/Out Board The Divine Hours™

1.4. Questions

1.4.1. integration with quickbooks or a replacement for "And if your church currently uses QuickBooks, Income is set up for easy, one-click export of your data, saving you time and resources."

2. The table project

2.1. Features

2.1.1. Calendar stock calendar Google Calendar app

2.1.2. Discussions Board

2.1.3. Prayer Wall

2.1.4. Photo Directory

2.1.5. Sub Groups! Sub groups can have there own "table" Prayer requests for GROUP members Groups can have individual calendars

2.1.6. NICE member directory managed by individuals

2.1.7. you can build your own apps

2.1.8. Free

2.1.9. iOS, android apps free

2.2. Features

2.2.1. Communication Targeted announcements Goodbye blanket announcements Fully Integrated SMS Concise and accessible notes Custom communication Each user chooses how they get messages SMS gateway delivers pure text Fellowship starts with hello Everyone can communicate via Quicknotes 140 character limit built in link shortener Deliver a relevant message Bright annoyncement area on every page broadcast via age, gender, skills and more add links to more information

2.2.2. Directory

2.3. Thoughts

2.3.1. it kinda feels like a social feed reader with a shiny factor

2.3.2. I don't see any "online Tithing" or kids checkin system

2.3.3. it is free / open source. this is the first one I saw

2.3.4. Some features will duplicate things on website others will

2.3.5. Photo Directory may be MUCH easier to maintain

2.4. Questions

2.4.1. Any Volunteer management system

2.4.2. can I embed the calendar on my website

2.4.3. Squarespace integration

2.4.4. customize rss page

2.4.5. how good is the support community

2.4.6. Dropbox integration?

3. `

4. FreshVine

4.1. Features

4.1.1. Roster Unlimited Members Add Photos to Personalize Profiles Customizable Fields for Member Profiles Every Member has Own Profile for their Activity Link Together Members Through Family Relationships. Export Members to Excel and to your Address Book Member Centric Approach Builds your System off your Roster Filter and Sort the Roster to Build Lists of Members Maps your Members to See Where Everyone Lives Designed for Easy Visitors and Members Management

4.1.2. Checkin 30 second check-in process Online/Offline modes ensure it always works Profile Photos make process more personal Guest Registration web page expedites adding visitors Seamless Integration between App and Fresh Vine Supported Label Printers don’t use ink to keep costs low Fun clip art prints on labels to identify classes Three age appropriate label types Unique family IDs match children to parents for pick up Easily print asset labels for children’s bags

4.1.3. Giving Secure to Only the Eyes you Choose Track Giving by Service or Date Enter Giving by Cash, Check or Card to Specific Funds Enter Data with Customizable Templates to Ease Entry Analyze with Dashboards and Reports Reconcile your Giving Weekly View Member Giving Histories Export Giving to Excel for Additional Analysis Prepare a Customized Annual Giving Receipt Prepare and Print Member Giving Statements

4.1.4. Groups Unlimited Groups, Emails, and Events Create Groups by Leaders Request, or for them to Use Every Group has Access to a Roster, Email, Events, and Notes Identify Group Members by Similar Demographics, Interests and/or Locations Automatic Archiving of Group Activity

4.1.5. Services Track Trends by Service Archive Weekly Attendance, Salvations, Baptisms, and 8 up to More Customizable Fields Link Giving to Services for Better Reporting Children’s Ministry and Volunteer Check-In (Fall 2011)

4.1.6. Events Create Church and Groups Events Create Recurring Events Automatic Church and Group Calendars With Feeds for iCal, Google, or Outlook Use Email to Inform Group Members of Events. Record Customized Feedback on Events Record Attendance with a Mouse Click Track Follow-Up with Members who Miss Events Creates an Event Archive Automatically

4.1.7. Messaging Send HTML Emails Easily and Quickly Automatically Insert Member Information into Emails Preview Messages and/or Save Drafts Unlimited Custom Email Templates Set Template Permissions for Who Can Use them Includes a Web-Based Member Subscription Manager Subscription Manager Lets Members Pick and Choose the Emails they Want Focus Church Wide Email to a Specific Member Type/s Focus Group Emails on a Specific Subgroup/s Members Have an Archive of Messages they’ve Received Every Message is Archived Including Who Received It

4.1.8. Reports and Dashboards Dashboards Throughout the Software Instant Detailed Giving Reports Demographic Statistics Generated by Member Type Giving Dashboard Shows Weekly Online Reports with Charts and Tables for Giving on an Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Daily Basis Reports Provide Information by Age Groups

4.1.9. Campuses (location) Includes Multi-Campus Support Assign Members, Groups, Events , and Services to a Campus Track Trends by Campus

4.1.10. Administration Unlimited User Accounts Unlimited User Account Access Roles Customizable Member Types/Classifications Unlimited Custom Member Profile Fields Automated Custom Welcome Email Message Unlimited Custom Group Profile Fields Customizable Group Categories Unlimited Giving Declarations Customizable Giving Templates for Efficient Entry.

4.2. Prices

4.2.1. Starting from 30/mo

4.2.2. One-time setup $50

4.3. Features in Development

4.3.1. Public API: Will allow our integration with 3rd party applications like our friends at Table Project

4.3.2. Integrated Giving: Automate the reconciling of your online giving with Fresh Vine from selected partners.

4.3.3. Member Directory: Allow your members to browse an online directory.

4.3.4. Church Portal: Give your members access to their profile, contributions, and a directory.

4.3.5. Updated Email System: Making it even easier to communicate with your church and groups.

5. SimpleGive

6. Easy Tithe

7. Fellowship One

7.1. Features

7.1.1. Member Care Complete church membership software Detailed family and individual profiles Online church directory of members View ministry involvement of members and attendees Record public or private notes Track history of touch points with the church Define and capture custom fields and attributes Store registration history and background checks Import family and individual photos

7.1.2. Visitor Outreach and Assimilation Rapid data entry of church visitor cards Monitor consistency and effciency of church visitor follow-up Track your church visitor assimilation process

7.1.3. Administrative Essentials Customize access to church database via role-based security Define and track workflow routing of tasks Create and save custom search criteria Search, export, update, and email lists of people Find and remove duplicate individual records U.S. addresses are automatically verified by the USPS Expansive library of reports

7.1.4. Communication Tools Define HTML email church newsletter templates Send emails to a small group or the entire congregation Define delegates to send an email on behalf of someone else

7.1.5. Small Groups and Community Support for church small groups of any style or hierarchy Search for a small group via custom criteria or a proximity map Individuals can maintain their own member profile Social media touch points to Facebook and Twitter Empower lay leaders to self-manage their small groups Tools for small group communication between leaders/members Define and monitor a lay leader's span of care (Select & Premier editions only) Monitor the health and activity of your small groups ministry (Select & Premier editions only) Define mentor/mentee relationships Integrated with church social media tool, The Table Project

7.1.6. Multi-Purpose Child and Volunteer Check-in Secure check-in for a church nursery, children and youth ministry Intuitive touch-screen user interface Assisted mode for volunteer-driven check-in Self service check-in with a bar-code or fingerprint scanner Capture children and volunteer attendance in real-time Children are placed in rooms based on age or pre-assignment View photos of church members for familiarity Customize the look using custom check-in themes Define prerequisites for church event registration

7.1.7. Giving Options Complete church donation tracking and reporting Check scanning and image storage Integrated Remote Deposit Capture for automated bank deposits Batch entry and processing of credit cards Accurately, timely and customizable church contribution statements Monitor progress of church pledge drives Report and analyze church giving trends Members can print their own church contribution statements Online giving via credit card, debit card or eCheck Integrated with several giving kiosk options Capture automated attendance using customizable rules

7.1.8. Event Management Define custom forms for online church event registration Define questions, answers and instructional text Define prerequisites based on age, gender and more Accept online payment for registration and up-sell items Define multiple payment schedules/prices Define maximum amount of registrants per event Fully Integrated with check-in system Rapid data entry of attendance if check-in was not used Track and report on registrations, attendance and revenue

7.1.9. Volunteer Management Define prerequisites for church volunteer positions List church volunteer opportunities online Accept church volunteer applications online Automated background checks on church volunteers Qualify applicants through a volunteer pipeline Define and track a giftedness program Match gifts/talents with church volunteer opportunities Create and manage church volunteer assignments Capture church staff & volunteer attendance Report on church volunteer service hours

7.1.10. Multi-Site Church Management Support for a variety of models for multi-site churches View individual & family involvement by church campus Control security & visibility to data by campus and/or central operations Auto-assign contact cards, visitor follow-up & tasks to campus staff Define & manage ministries and activities by campus Child & Volunteer Check-in system is campus-specific Contributions, pledge drives and online giving are campus-specific Online community and church small groups are campus-specific Customize reporting by campus or across multiple campuses

7.1.11. Church Software in the Cloud Anytime, anywhere access to your church database Unparalleled security Reduced risk No touch, no cost upgrades Lower total cost of ownership Mobile interfaces, including native iPhone & Android applications Open, standards-based API for churches & 3rd party developers

7.2. Technical Features

7.2.1. Professionally managed data centers with multiple levels of security

7.2.2. No touch, no cost upgrades

7.2.3. Developer site

7.3. Thoughts

7.3.1. This guy is the giant in the room.

7.3.2. this one looks like it would replace quickbooks

7.3.3. see if John has any desire for this type of system (looks like there is a drastic discount for church planting

7.4. Pricing

7.4.1. Core Does not include Batch Credit Card Processing Remote Deposit Capture Groups Span of Care Multi-purpose Check-in

7.4.2. Select Adds Groups span of care Adds up to 2 ministries check in

7.4.3. Premier

8. The City

8.1. Prices

8.1.1. One Time Setup fee: $99

8.1.2. Monthly Price: $39

8.1.3. Giving Module addition monthly price: $40

8.1.4. Children's Min Mod addition monthly price: $25

8.2. Thoughts

8.2.1. this may be the giant in the room or at least his younger brother

8.2.2. Facebook / twitter integration

8.2.3. this is starting to look like WAY over kill to me...

8.3. questions

8.3.1. Mobile website or mobile application

8.3.2. I don't see a member directory feature

8.4. Features

8.4.1. Communication unified Communication Platform Effortless Broadcast Targeted Communication Contextual Engagement Email Integration Personalized Channel Community Website Facebook and Twitter Integration Custom Promotions Gift/Skill-Based Need Matching Mobile Accessibillity

8.4.2. Groups Mission-Focused Flexible Structure Delegated Authority Private & Public Measurable Impact User-Created Unofficial Groups Connection Kiosk Mode

8.4.3. Administration Versatile Structure Data Import / Export Actionable Reporting Distributed Authority Customizable Branding Custom Fields Membership Management Process Builder

8.4.4. Modules Children's Ministry Fully Integrated Event Management Fast Check-in Visitor-Friendly Self-Serve Check-In Kiosk Community Centered Flexible Implementation Pre-Registration Mode Giving Online Giving Scheduled / Recurring Donations Bulk Data Import Financial Oversight Check Reading built-in Reporting Enhanced Reporting