Custodial Management Solutions

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Custodial Management Solutions by Mind Map: Custodial Management Solutions

1. Cost - Microview FM

1.1. $1074 per license initial setup

1.2. $1750 yearly subscription fee with 10 hours support for trained users

1.3. $175 per hour for training and support

1.4. $4000 initial server software - paid by Building Operation already

2. Cost - PSIWebware

2.1. $420 per year per simultaneous user

2.2. $100 per hour for support

2.3. Free web video training

3. Best Features - Microview FM

3.1. some iPhone support

3.2. Integrates with existing LaGuardia databases from Archibus such as Space management and asset management

3.3. Floorwalk feature that offers map view of scheduled tasks

3.4. Good barcode support in inventory mangement

3.5. also has mobile inspection app with picture on ios/android etc.

4. Best Features - PSIWebware

4.1. Cheap

4.2. Intuitive interface that is easier to learn and manage

4.3. Barcode integrated inventory management

4.4. Fast web application designed specifically for custodial management

4.5. mobile inspections app with picture capability on android, windows mobile devices

4.6. easy to upload data and set up

4.7. most training and support can come from in-house due to very detailed training videos

4.8. responsive sales/support team. often offers phone help with any issues experienced

5. What holds it back - Microview FM

5.1. pricey

5.2. really confusing web app and interface, will take serious training to be able to be efficient

5.3. large database is slow and needs support

5.4. it took two weeks to get support, answers or updates from their sales team after initial demo.

6. What holds it back - PSIWebware

6.1. limited iDevice support

6.2. no archibus integration

6.3. no floorwalk or map view, can only upload pdf of floorplan as reference

6.4. sluggish android app performance

7. Takeaway - This is my personal pick. Since beginning to test the software, there had already been two free updates to the site interface. This software is cheap, fast and easy to learn and maintain. It is not short on features either.

8. Takeaway - Although pricier and very complicated, this software is our best bet at being able to customize and integrate.