The Big Three and The Conference

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The Big Three and The Conference by Mind Map: The Big Three and The Conference

1. Aims of The Big Three

1.1. Woodrow Wilson

1.1.1. Create Peace and 'end all wars' by creating a league of nations aorund his 14 points

1.1.2. Ensure that Germany isnt destroyed

1.1.3. not to blame Germany for the war - he didnt like the guilt clause

1.2. Georges Clemenceau

1.2.1. Punish & get revenge on Germany

1.2.2. Regain Alsace and Lorraine

1.2.3. No League of Nations

1.2.4. HUGE reparitions

1.2.5. Disband the German army

1.3. David Lloyd-George

1.3.1. Land for Britains Empire

1.3.2. Safeguard Britains naval supremacy

1.3.3. Make Germany pay for what they did but also leave them strong enough to trade

2. The Conference - January 1919

2.1. 32 Countries met in Paris

3. Members

3.1. Woodrow Wilson

3.2. Georges Clemenceau

3.3. David Lloyd-George

4. Germanys Expectations - Wilsons 14 points

4.1. Disarmament

4.2. Free trade

4.3. Creating a League of Nations

5. Armistice

5.1. Much harsher than Germany expected it to be

5.2. States that:

5.3. Germany should lose land

5.4. Pay reparations for damage

5.5. Allied troops to occupy The Rhineland

6. Treaty of Versailles

6.1. Germany were shown the treaty and published a rebuttal; they were ignored

6.2. 28th June 1919 - Delegates met at palace of Versailles and forced 2 Germans to sign the treaty