(I,II conditionals

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(I,II conditionals by Mind Map: (I,II conditionals

1. is a real possibility thatsomething will happen in the future?

1.1. use the first conditional

1.1.1. If I do ..., I'll (= I will) ...Instead of will, we

1.1.2. can use other modal verbs, e.x:.can, might ,may, must ,should.

1.2. esempls:

1.2.1. You will miss the bus if you don't hurry.

1.2.2. When I finish work, I'll call you.

1.2.3. I'll leave as soon as the babysitter arrives.

2. imagine a situation orwhen there is very little or no possibility that happen?

2.1. usa the second conditional

2.1.1. If I did ..., I'd (= I would)

2.1.2. .Instead ofwould, we can use could or might.

2.2. exempls:

2.2.1. Whatwould you do if you founda lot of money in the street?

2.2.2. If it rained, you would get wet.

2.2.3. If it rained, you would get wet.