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The terms of the Treaty of Versailles by Mind Map: The terms of the Treaty of Versailles
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The terms of the Treaty of Versailles


Demilitarisation of the Rhineland

Germany's Colonies went to Britain and France

Army & Navy restricted and they weren't allowed an Airforce

Forbidden from uniting with Austria

Forbidden from joining the League of Nations

Other Treaties

These all followed the principles of the treaty of versailles

Austria's treaty of Saint-Germain

Bulgaria's Treaty of Neuilly

Bulgaria lost land

Turkeys treaty of Sevres

Turkey lost land

These treaties restricted their Armies and forced them to pay reparitions

Hungary's Treaty of Triannon

Austro-Hungarian empire was broken up to:AustriaHungaryRomania Czechoslovakia



They hated it!

1920 Revolution against it

They were angry they weren't allowed to negociate


Gained German colonies but PM thought it was too harsh


Felt safer with Germanys army restricted

They wanted an independent Rhineland

Doubted the LON would protect them against Germany


Refused to join the LON

Refused to sign TOV