Causes of World War 1

Cause of World War 1

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Causes of World War 1 by Mind Map: Causes of  World War 1

1. Militarism

1.1. Military power of a country or an empire

1.2. This was caused by Industrial Revolution and technological advancements, for nations to gain power

1.3. It led to the invention of new weapons that are more powerful and destructive

1.4. The image shows new generation of weapons (such as canons) for defeating enemies without wasting much weapons

1.5. It could be prevented by restricting the production and sales of new weaponry

2. Alliance

2.1. Agreement between two or more countries

2.2. Alliance can lead to total peace or total war, such as European alliance that led to the involvement of all the European countries into the conflict

2.3. It is a chain reaction/domino effect

2.4. Europe wanted to balance both the sides that led to the whole continent into this war, due to alliance

3. Imperialism

3.1. Competition for control over powers and other countries between European nations, often creates conflict

3.2. Most of the European nations had imperial objectives, than supportive towards their alliance

3.3. Africa and Asia were the two largest continents that were not under the European influence which changed during the period 1870 to 1914

3.4. The power over territories were disorganized and scrambled

3.5. The demand of market areas for industrial output had become more important that hunting for raw materials, overpopulation of other issues

4. Nationalism

4.1. Movement that promotes nation's gaining or country's interest for the benefit if their own country

4.2. Germany was threatening Britain's naval supremacy which created tension between them. They both later got head-to-head in the first World War

4.3. The colonial interests of France often clashed with those of Great Britain's. For example, both had colonial rivals in Asia and Africa

4.4. "Nationalism takes patriotism and adds to it a sense of superiority that calls for the conquering of the inferior"

4.5. Nationalism was the dedication and identification of one with the nation state

5. Assassination

5.1. Death is the demonstration of intentionally executing a notable individual

5.2. The homicide of Archduke Franz Ferdinand insulted Austro-Hungary

5.3. It was enraged and with German's help proclaimed battle on Serbia in on July 28

5.4. In practically no time, Germany proclaimed battle on Russia, Serbia's partner

5.5. It also attacked France by means of Belgium, which at that point made Britain announce a battle on Germany