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1. Julianto started school at Pertiwi Kindergarten in Ngegong Village, Madiun in 1974-1977. After that, he went to Elementary School 003 North Madiun and graduated in 1983. Julianto went on to Junior High School 1 Madiun and graduated in 1986. Julianto continued his education at Senior High School 2 Madiun and finally graduated from high school in 1989. During his education in school, Julianto was very good at mathematics and always ranked first. During his studies, Julianto became a cadet at the Academy of Correctional under the auspices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in 1986-1992.

2. Orientation

2.1. Julianto Budhi Prasetyono, some people call him Juli or Julianto. He was born on July 3rd 1970, in Madiun, East Java. He comes from a Javanese family. His father's name was Soengkono and his mother's name was Kasini Riswati. He was the third of five children.

3. Series Event

3.1. Education

3.2. Work

3.3. Relationship

3.3.1. In Tanjungpinang, Julianto met Shinta Novera and they finally married on November 3rd, 2000. Julianto and his wife had three children, a son and two daughters. None of his three children are married yet. Julianto's eldest son is a boy, now in college. His second child was a girl, now a first-year high school student. His youngest child is a girl, she's a sixth grader in elementary school.


5. Re-orientation

5.1. Julianto is a hard worker and also smart. He's always in charge of his job. In addition, he is also a humorous and assertive father figure. Julianto's nature amazes me. Julianto's character amazed me.

5.2. In 1993, Julianto was appointed civil servant and his first placement was in tanjungpinang prison, Riau Islands. Julianto worked from his position only as a regular employee to become the head of prison security. He worked in Tanjungpinang for 15 years. After that, Julianto moved to Barabai regency, South Kalimantan in 2008. Julianto was appointed and trusted as the Head of The Correctional Institution and worked in Barabai for 4 years and 3 months. After that, Julianto moved to Klaten prison, Central Java in 2013. He was appointed head of Klaten Prison, and worked for 1 year and 7 months. After from Klaten, Julianto moved to Tasikmalaya, West Java in 2014, he was appointed head of Tasikmalaya prison. In Tasikmalaya he worked for 3 years. After that, Julianto moved as Head of The Security, Rehabilitation, Health, and Booty Office to the Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in Pekanbaru, Riau in 2017. In Pekanbaru Julianto worked for 2 years then moved to the Directorate General of Corrections in Jakarta as the head of the prevention and security sub-section in 2019. After that, Julianto moved to Tembilahan, Riau as the head of Tembilahan prison in 2020. He still serves as tembilahan's warden until now. Julianto's achievement while working as a civil servant was to have obtained a certificate of international achievement of the 1998 World Peace Mission. In addition, Julianto also received two badges of honor from the President of the Republic of Indonesia (Satyalencana Karya Satya), and a champion of office administration space within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights throughout Indonesia in 2017. And lastly is the charter of achievement on drug control in Indonesia from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC) in 2020.