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Q1 by Mind Map: Q1

1. Creating a website

1.1. WEB3.0 development for the website Chance2Win

2. C2W Smart Contract Development

2.1. Development of three prediction tokens

2.2. Development of the investment token C2INV

2.3. Development of an ERC20 smart contract

3. Create an offer for investors

3.1. First dividend payment to C2W holders

4. Q2

4.1. Entering the Uniswap exchange

4.2. Conducting a Pre-Sale for an ERC20 token

4.2.1. Accrual of c2w tokens to holders in ERC20 format 1 C2W (TRC20) = 1 C2W (ERC20)

4.3. Developing your own interface for the beta version

5. Development of the alpha version

6. Q3

6.1. Release of the beta version of the C2W project with its own interface

6.2. C2w testing for 50+ cryptocurrency market indicators

6.3. Bug hunting company

6.4. Recruitment of employees to the project team

7. Q4

7.1. Release of the full version of the project Chance2Win

7.2. Development of the IOS and Android app Chance2Win

7.3. Opening of the cryptocurrency trading training center