American Marketing Association(AMA)

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American Marketing Association(AMA) by Mind Map: American Marketing Association(AMA)

1. What are some Surprising Elements about this community?

1.1. Blogs on Well-Being and Work-Life Balance.

2. What are the Surface Level Identities?

2.1. Helps individuals understand how/what/when to use marketing concepts and to put your product into the right market. Creates a business identity for each member and touches on many aspects of business not just marketing.

3. Who is/are the community leader(s)?

3.1. John Eaton, Alexis Pumels, Adrian Lauderdale, Kaleigh Feurestein and Sean Bryan

4. What are the expectations within the community?

4.1. To be respectful and maintain a positive image within the community.

5. Does the community meet these expectations?

5.1. After carefully reviewing the forums and comments the community members have a great deal of respect and share positivity in their comments.

6. How active is the community?

6.1. AMA has a meeting every Wednesday @ 4:30, but keeps all members consistently engaged with forums and blogs online.