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Reduce Stigma by Mind Map: Reduce Stigma

1. Structural (laws, regulations, policies)

1.1. Courts

1.2. School systems

1.2.1. Education programs effective in changing younger people's attitudes

1.3. Businesses

1.4. Social Service Agencies

1.5. Professional groups

1.6. Universities

1.7. Government at all levels

2. Public (attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of individuals and groups)

2.1. Educators

2.2. Employers

2.3. Healthcare providers

2.4. Journalists

2.5. Police

2.6. Judges

2.7. Policy makers and legislators

2.8. Faith-Based & Non-Profit Orgs

3. Self-Stigma (internalization of negative stereotypes)

3.1. Peer support models personal recovery, critical in helping individuals overcome debilitating forces of self-stigma