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Siswadi by Mind Map: Siswadi

1. orientation

1.1. Siswadi was born February 12, 1976, in Sungai Penuh, which is a part of the village of Kerinci; a small rural community located a few kilometers from the town of Jambi, on the Island of Sumatera, in Indonesia. he is the second child of his parents, and able to make his family proud. his parents are people who work as farmers

2. series of events

2.1. in 1982 he entered elementary school (sdn 14) located in the city where he lived. 6 years after that he graduated and continued his studies to junior high school (smpn 5). at school he always got a ranking in the class. he entered high school in 1991. since childhood, after he came home from school, he farmed with his father. The economy where siswadi lived was predominantly agricultural and fishing, with an export of many farming products to other city. with conditions like that he never gave up and complained. he is someone who is smart and always got achievements in school. so he can studied out of town with a good university and majoring in electrical engineering. he graduated ontime and cum laude.

2.2. when he was in college he met one girl who that girl is his girlfriend and after college he went to where that girl lived. and he started his career in that city, he applied for job to any company. The first time he worked in quite a big company. he continued to work hard and never gave up so that in that year he was accepted into a large oil company, namely Chevron.

2.3. in 2001 siswadi got married with his girlfriend. in the same year they had a son. Until 2005, there were 3 children, and they became a happy family

3. re-orientation

3.1. With limited conditions he can success and make the whole family proud. he became a smart father, never gave up and became a skilled father and inspired his child by him.