The Commonwealth and Restoration (1649-1713)

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The Commonwealth and Restoration (1649-1713) by Mind Map: The Commonwealth and Restoration  (1649-1713)

1. Settting the scene

1.1. In the 1640's the Puritans and the King's followers went to war against each other.

1.2. After the execution of King Charles I, Oliver Cromwell Became the Leader of the Commonwealth

1.3. After the death of Charles II, the son of Charles I and his sucessor, his brother became King, the king James II.

1.4. The United Kingdom was finally united when the Union of the parliaments of England of England and Scotland in 1707, but Ireland was still a problem

1.5. The Royal Society was begun in 1662-63 for the improving of natural knowledge. In 1694 the bank of England was begun

2. Poetry, Politics and John Milton

2.1. The Commonweatlh: The period between the execution of King Charles I and the restoration of the Monarchy of his son.

2.2. Oliver Cromwell was considerated the Lord Protector of the Nation

2.3. Here we have the poem "An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's return from Ireland", dedicated to Cromwell.

2.4. The major figure who linked the Renaissance and the Restoration was John Milton, a poet influenced by Latin writers and with clear ambitions.

2.5. Milton's writing was deeply Christian as in "On the morning of Christ's nativity" an elegy about the early death of his close friend Edward King.