Life of Saryanto

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Life of Saryanto by Mind Map: Life of Saryanto

1. Orientation

1.1. Saryanto was born on June 5,1668 on Yogjakarta, his father was a dalang named is Dwijokarsono and his mother named Lasyiem. His father remarried to someone who was not introduced to his family, no one knows except his father

2. Series of event

2.1. in 1986, he graduated from high school. then he wanted to continue to the Indonesian army but at the first attempt he failed, but he did not give up there he tried the state police and finally he passed

2.2. After passing the test, and training he was transferred to Pekanbaru, Riau in 1988, in Riau he found his soul mate in 1994, then they got married and had their first child in 1995.

3. Reorientation

3.1. saryanto received an examination to increase his rank of work in 2013 in Bandung, from all the police to the same level. At the end of his work test him a rank 23 of 126 people. From him we can learn not to give up easily in reaching the desires we dream of