Objectives 2021

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Objectives 2021 by Mind Map: Objectives 2021

1. Collobration tools to use

2. Group IT Objectives?

3. HPC related items

3.1. Personal objectives

3.1.1. Getting Internal feedback

3.1.2. Positive Intent

4. Process excellence team and feature changes should communicate to BPO in order to change pocess maps/WI

4.1. PEC team regular meetings to keep track SAP related changes

5. ERP Strategy

5.1. CI items should support the upcoming ERP strategy

5.2. Each area will identify the processes/areas to improve within the new ERP strategy to reenginering the existing set-up

6. Personal Development

6.1. Time management skills

7. ERP Team Ways of working improvement

7.1. Felxible ways of workings

7.1.1. Join 9 day fortnight pilot

7.1.2. Flexitime hours

7.2. Communication with business the way features deliver

7.2.1. ERP team UAT ways of working approach to be determined

7.2.2. Key Stakeholder Board meeting for prioritisation & comms Stakeholder survey

7.3. Snow use for capturing the requests and using visual task boards for prioritisation

7.4. ERP Team Space and Office 365 Teams can merge together

7.5. Include more BA functions in delivering features

7.6. Leadership engagement with the ERP team

8. Projects

8.1. AWS project

8.2. automation project

8.2.1. P2 and P3 upcoming

8.3. Treasury Project-LIBOR

8.4. CI project scope

8.4.1. Each area will have their scope imporve their user experience Cost of their work

8.4.2. Focusing Large scale improvement

9. Support ODR changes

9.1. Scope the workload in each area if its impacted