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Family Biograpy by Mind Map: Family Biograpy

1. Shabrina Andini X IPS 1

2. Orientation Edy Syahputra is shabrina's father. He used to be called dedi.He was born on medan of September 28th,1970.He lived and grew up on Medan with his parents and four other siblings.His father was a native batak terrain and his mother was Javanese.

3. Series of event He often transferred to elementary school because of following his father's frequent assignments.when his in highschool he always got top three and did the social Olympics. When he graduated high school,in 1990 he decided to go to college on Pekanbaru. He attended the university of riau and majored in business administration. In 1996 he finished college and settled in Pekanbaru in search of work.He later worked in an insurance company called "Bumi Putera." Feeling inadequate, he undertook another job in the field of property. In 2004 he met a woman named Riana Febrianie.Just 6 months into their marriage, on July 29, 2004.They had two daughters.

4. Reorientation He was in a lot of trouble when he was alive.From the economic standpoint and health.But he always fought and held on for his wife and children.He was a wonderful father, always doing everything he could to make his children happy.