About Samantha Molnar

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About Samantha Molnar by Mind Map: About Samantha Molnar

1. shopaholic

2. "hands-on"

3. hardworking

4. passionate about:

4.1. friends/family

4.2. work

4.3. traveling

5. Data or Design?

5.1. I would definitely consider myself more of a design person, although at times I feel like I can be data as well. I would rather get to know someone and understand their personality/likes/dislikes, rather than analyize straight facts about their day-to-day lives. I take peoples feelings into great consideration, and often put myself in their shoes to better understand them. Although, in certain situations I do tend to categorize when looking at large groups or data - so in this case I could see data.

6. for fun:

6.1. Netflix

6.2. Guitar

6.3. Music

6.4. YouTube

7. adventurous

8. organized

9. creator:

9.1. photography

9.2. artwork (drawing & designing)

9.3. videography

10. understanding

11. people person